Candidate Nomination during 2019 Early Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine: Battle for Intra-Party Democracy

  • Kateryna Pesotska
Schlagworte: candidate nomination, intra-party democracy, election administration, parliamentary elections in Ukraine


Party regulation remains one of the central questions in the existing political party research. Considering a vast number of academic works and international practices, there is still a need to continue the research on possible ways for the regulation of political parties, especially of their internal affairs. This article attempts to initiate a discussion on the issue of legal regulation of candidate nomination, focusing on the case of recent parliamentary elections in Ukraine. The paper explores the loopholes in the current party regulation and mechanisms of the state`s control over the internal activities of political parties in Ukraine. The article examines the powers of election administration with regard to candidate nomination and provides the analysis of the current state of party laws in Ukraine in terms of intra-party regulation.